Children’s parties

Have a super children’s party at Manege Heemskerk! How much fun is a birthday party at a stables? Fun food, a great party and you can ride a pony! A great way to give your child an unforgettable birthday!

A children’s party at Manege Heemskerk gives you a chance to have fun getting to know our horses and ponies. First we’ll show you how to groom, take care of and saddle a pony – and then we plan a ride (approx. 30 minutes). If the children have previous experience with horses we can play some games. All of this is supervised by one of our instructors. All accompanied by French fries, a snack and something to drink.


  • Easy fitting long pants, rubber boots and a safety cap (we have children’s caps to use)
  • For children with riding experience: riding boots, breeches and a safety cap


A children’s party costs € 15,00 per child with a minimum number of 4 children.


For more information about our children’s parties or special requests please get in touch. You are also welcome to stop by or make an appointment.