Trail rides

A trail ride takes about 2 hours, a beach ride is for 3. The size of the group depends on the number of people who have registered. We also offer rides with private groups, of at least 6 people. In order to ensure that the trail ride is pleasant and safe please take note of the following points:


Each and every rider must be accompanied by one of our guides. Our guides have riding experience in the reserve and know all the bridle trails. This means that you don’t have to navigate and can relax and enjoy the nature and the ride.


All visitors need to have a PWN ‘duinkaart’ when entering the nature reserve. The price of the trail rides include the price of a day pass from PWN.


Manege Heemskerk does not require a rider licence for trail rides – but we do expect that you have experience riding and can be in conrol of your horse at all times. You must be able to trot (in a rising trot) and canter. Before you are allowed to leave the stable yard our guides and instructors will check that you have the necessary level of horsemanship. Should the instructors/guides decide that this is not the case you will not be able to take a trail ride. To ensure the horses’ well being we keep a maximum weight limit of 100 kilos for all riders. Should you have any queries, please call us and we can explain our rules in detail.


A cap is required by insurance and is absolutely compulsary. If you do not have a cap there are official safety caps avaialable at the stables for use. We prefer to see people wearing official breeches and riding boots/shoes. However should you not own these please keep the following in mind: No jeans or trousers with thick seams on the inside leg. Friction can create nasty chaffing on the knees.


Preferably jogging pants or leggings and rubber boots. We do not have boots available and it is not responsible to ride with inappropriate shoes – in which case we will not allow you to go on the trail ride. Avoid dissapointments – call us if you have any questions.